Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

WHAT? people read my blog?

After two years of having forgotten about my blog alltogether, I learned about the "stats" function on Blogger and decided to have a look at how many times Kristi and Pete have looked at my blog. Kristi and Pete, you ARE the only two people I would ever expect to look at it.

Expecting to see maybe ten, twenty hits total, I was astounded to find HUNDREDS of hits over the past couple years. WHAT? people read my blog? How did people even FIND my blog? Maybe some other popular blog is called "". wierd.

Luckily, the number of hits has tapered to nearly zero over the past few months, which means I can continue posting whatever I want without worrying that it might offend someone. POOP. tittes. nigger. fuckface. Cracker. There, good thing nobody reads my blog anymore.

In case this blog DOES eventually lead to fame, glory and fortune, I'll go ahead and make a few more posts in the coming months on the topics of: Pigieons in the stairwell, contemporary art is just a bunch of people fooling themselves, enjoying bad moods, and something about the end of human society.

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