Montag, 18. Juli 2011

The art of not knowing

HOW ANGRY we can get when we want to know something but can't!!! Waiting around for a result. Hoping somebody calls you back. Trying to find the right information.

And then theres people who sit around and talk about all the stuff they know. They tell stories and try to impress eachother with their knowledge. I am one of these people.

A lot of people like learning as well. Going from a state of not-knowing to a state of knowing.

Whats so good about KNOWING? why can't we enjoy NOT KNOWING? We can enjoy bitter instead of sweet. We can enjoy crying instead of laughing. We can enjoy being tired instead of being bright-eyed. Why can't we enjoy being clueless instead of being well informed?

When somebody comes up to you on the street and says, "hey, do you know where the post office is?" and you can tell them, "yea, its right around that corner!" thats a cool feeling. You just helped somebody with your knowledge.

But imagine... somebody asks you, "hey, do you know how to get downtown?" and you answer "No, I have no Idea where downtown is. You're welcome!" and you said "you're welcome" because you thoroughly enjoyed NOT knowing where downtown is, and NOT being able to tell them. Then for the next 45 seconds you are filled with a warm feeling because of how nice it is to have NO IDEA where downtown is, and you think of all the OTHER things you ALSO wish you didn't know, and look forward to the opportunity to forget some of those things. And how wonderful it will be to know LESS than you do right now.

Imagine having NO KNOWLEDGE whatsoever. You would not know that you do not know anything. You would not know that anybody expects you to know anything. You would not know that knowing anything is possible. Imagine being merely a brain, in a glass of amniotic fluid, being supported for life by a flow of nutrients through a hose stuck through the rubber stopper in your glass. You are not connected to any sensory nerves. You have no sight, no feeling, no way to percieve anything. Imagine how wonderful that would be.

ok, maybe that would suck. and its kinda freaky to think about it.

So anyway, I just took two exams. I have NO IDEA how well I did. I want to know if I passed them or not. I have to wait for my professors to correct them to find out. I keep impulsively opening up google and staring at the promt line, trying to figure out what I have to type in to find out. It doesn't work. I just have to wait.

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