Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

The mind game

Your belly is full. your mind is empty. Let me speak the words of those who know the way.

All around the world there is joy, love, hate, life, death. With every motion we cause all of these, they feed on eachother and balance eachother.

Everywhere is where you want to be, and everything is the way it should be. Even those thoughts, which tell you that things are not OK, are as well, the way they should be.

It is expertise. It is commercialized antiquity. It is memorabelia. It is the way it should be.

Take off your pants now, and let your heart flow through your taint. This will cleanse your mind, and allow new thoughts to enter.

Alone, we are together.

So how many of you read some deep meaning in the blabber above? I like writing stuff like that and reading it again later to see if I can decipher some meaning from it. The key is to AVOID knowing which phrase will come next, just write random shit and make sure not to have a thought process. I also like this game you can play with other people, where each person has to say at random any word. Each word has to be completely disconnected from the other words. Any time somebody has a thought process, or says a word that relates to the last ones in some way, they lose. Its also really easy to tell when that happens. Like this...

broccoli (lose!)
fair play
internal organ
istambul (lose!)

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