Montag, 18. Juli 2011

3 unabhängige Dinge

I think there should be a word for the pain of learning. Like sting. or ache. or throb. The way your brain hurts when you try to put new things into it. Sometimes it just pukes them back out again. Goddamn you, brain!

I like how you can use sauce to stick small things onto bread when making a sandwich, so they don't fall out when you are eating it.

I was crossing the street today. Three police cars and an ambulance with sirens blaring whizzed past me to the right. On the other side, going the opposite direction, another police car drove normally along with traffic. I got to the drivers face. He looked really bitter and disappointed.

The art of not knowing

HOW ANGRY we can get when we want to know something but can't!!! Waiting around for a result. Hoping somebody calls you back. Trying to find the right information.

And then theres people who sit around and talk about all the stuff they know. They tell stories and try to impress eachother with their knowledge. I am one of these people.

A lot of people like learning as well. Going from a state of not-knowing to a state of knowing.

Whats so good about KNOWING? why can't we enjoy NOT KNOWING? We can enjoy bitter instead of sweet. We can enjoy crying instead of laughing. We can enjoy being tired instead of being bright-eyed. Why can't we enjoy being clueless instead of being well informed?

When somebody comes up to you on the street and says, "hey, do you know where the post office is?" and you can tell them, "yea, its right around that corner!" thats a cool feeling. You just helped somebody with your knowledge.

But imagine... somebody asks you, "hey, do you know how to get downtown?" and you answer "No, I have no Idea where downtown is. You're welcome!" and you said "you're welcome" because you thoroughly enjoyed NOT knowing where downtown is, and NOT being able to tell them. Then for the next 45 seconds you are filled with a warm feeling because of how nice it is to have NO IDEA where downtown is, and you think of all the OTHER things you ALSO wish you didn't know, and look forward to the opportunity to forget some of those things. And how wonderful it will be to know LESS than you do right now.

Imagine having NO KNOWLEDGE whatsoever. You would not know that you do not know anything. You would not know that anybody expects you to know anything. You would not know that knowing anything is possible. Imagine being merely a brain, in a glass of amniotic fluid, being supported for life by a flow of nutrients through a hose stuck through the rubber stopper in your glass. You are not connected to any sensory nerves. You have no sight, no feeling, no way to percieve anything. Imagine how wonderful that would be.

ok, maybe that would suck. and its kinda freaky to think about it.

So anyway, I just took two exams. I have NO IDEA how well I did. I want to know if I passed them or not. I have to wait for my professors to correct them to find out. I keep impulsively opening up google and staring at the promt line, trying to figure out what I have to type in to find out. It doesn't work. I just have to wait.

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

The mind game

Your belly is full. your mind is empty. Let me speak the words of those who know the way.

All around the world there is joy, love, hate, life, death. With every motion we cause all of these, they feed on eachother and balance eachother.

Everywhere is where you want to be, and everything is the way it should be. Even those thoughts, which tell you that things are not OK, are as well, the way they should be.

It is expertise. It is commercialized antiquity. It is memorabelia. It is the way it should be.

Take off your pants now, and let your heart flow through your taint. This will cleanse your mind, and allow new thoughts to enter.

Alone, we are together.

So how many of you read some deep meaning in the blabber above? I like writing stuff like that and reading it again later to see if I can decipher some meaning from it. The key is to AVOID knowing which phrase will come next, just write random shit and make sure not to have a thought process. I also like this game you can play with other people, where each person has to say at random any word. Each word has to be completely disconnected from the other words. Any time somebody has a thought process, or says a word that relates to the last ones in some way, they lose. Its also really easy to tell when that happens. Like this...

broccoli (lose!)
fair play
internal organ
istambul (lose!)

Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

You cannot fail at something you were not attempting

Perhaps the best way to become a respectable, high functioning person is to obligate yourself to some ELSE that you don't feel like doing. How many toilets get cleaned during exam week?

Thats this thing about people. We are totally influenced by the expectations of other people. As if there is a communal consciousness. Or a communal jewish grandmother. What would it be like to have no influence from other humans whatsoever? What would it be liketo be raised by Wolves? Then you would be totally influenced by the expectations of other wolves.

Its amazing the similarities between dog packs and human communities. This explains the symbiosis between dogs and humans since early human history. Its especially evident when white male college students get drunk in groups. I'd like to see a study comparing the motions of drunk white male college students to wolf packs. Maybe from above, tracking the motions of each member and making a pretty picture out of it. What would a wolf hunt look like? Compared to the hunt for drunk white human Females?

People expect you to succeed at the things that you try. Why? Many people confuse "doing" something with "trying to succeed" at something. How many people sign up for College expressly for the purpose of keeping their toilet clean? I think its a good idea...In socialist countries. How many drunk white college students are actually trying to get an education? uhhh, who pays their tuition? Some things I will never understand.

WHAT? people read my blog?

After two years of having forgotten about my blog alltogether, I learned about the "stats" function on Blogger and decided to have a look at how many times Kristi and Pete have looked at my blog. Kristi and Pete, you ARE the only two people I would ever expect to look at it.

Expecting to see maybe ten, twenty hits total, I was astounded to find HUNDREDS of hits over the past couple years. WHAT? people read my blog? How did people even FIND my blog? Maybe some other popular blog is called "". wierd.

Luckily, the number of hits has tapered to nearly zero over the past few months, which means I can continue posting whatever I want without worrying that it might offend someone. POOP. tittes. nigger. fuckface. Cracker. There, good thing nobody reads my blog anymore.

In case this blog DOES eventually lead to fame, glory and fortune, I'll go ahead and make a few more posts in the coming months on the topics of: Pigieons in the stairwell, contemporary art is just a bunch of people fooling themselves, enjoying bad moods, and something about the end of human society.