Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

You cannot fail at something you were not attempting

Perhaps the best way to become a respectable, high functioning person is to obligate yourself to some ELSE that you don't feel like doing. How many toilets get cleaned during exam week?

Thats this thing about people. We are totally influenced by the expectations of other people. As if there is a communal consciousness. Or a communal jewish grandmother. What would it be like to have no influence from other humans whatsoever? What would it be liketo be raised by Wolves? Then you would be totally influenced by the expectations of other wolves.

Its amazing the similarities between dog packs and human communities. This explains the symbiosis between dogs and humans since early human history. Its especially evident when white male college students get drunk in groups. I'd like to see a study comparing the motions of drunk white male college students to wolf packs. Maybe from above, tracking the motions of each member and making a pretty picture out of it. What would a wolf hunt look like? Compared to the hunt for drunk white human Females?

People expect you to succeed at the things that you try. Why? Many people confuse "doing" something with "trying to succeed" at something. How many people sign up for College expressly for the purpose of keeping their toilet clean? I think its a good idea...In socialist countries. How many drunk white college students are actually trying to get an education? uhhh, who pays their tuition? Some things I will never understand.

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