Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

Windmill self destructs

These things are huge. I cant even fathom seeing the thing turn that fast, they a impressive even at low speeds. It must have been malfunctioning, I thought those things adjust the pitch of their rotors to bypass high speed winds automatically, somehow that one didnt do that.

and then WHOOM!!! the thing flys to pieces, a piece of one rotor cuts the support pillar and the generator unit falls like a hit giant, the severed base of its rotors still spinning. WOW!!! And aside from the physical danger, a 30 story windmill flying to pieces, think about the electricity!!! Those things produce what, 3MWh? And that one was really crankin'. That severed power line running down the inside of the support pillar, just from the power produced by the still-spinning rotor base for the split second it took the thing to fall to the ground probably could have fried a whole football team.

Im a bit wind-turbine obsessed, not gonna lie. Sir Norman Foster is responsible for the obnoxiously obvious teardrop shape of this one.

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