Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2008

The Independent States of America

Whats happening in the US right now is nearly identical to the downfall of the Weimar republic leading to the rise of Fascist Germany. Even the tiny details like a "staged" terrorist attack on an iconic building and public hype about terrorism. Its no news, and its really obvious.

If someone prefers not to believe something that's right in front of their nose, Its probably no use trying to convince them.

I honestly don't believe that Goerge Bush and his posse will actually stage a hostile takeover of the country. The conditions in Weimar Germany were much worse, Hitler was a much better and more convincing public figure, and the USA is many times the size of Germany with a lot more complex power structure which will take a lot longer to break apart. But I do believe that the structure of our country is not stable, and within 100 or 200 years there will probably be a civil or world war based on the degradation of the USA. Perhaps the acronym U.S.A will change to I.S.A (Independent States of America) or more optimistically A.S.A (Associated States of America). At least then we won't be confused with Usa, Mexico.

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