Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2008

The first blog, one of millions. Or milliards.

This is the first blog. Not my first, but the first ever. I am the first person ever to have a blog and this is the first blog ever to be written.

I created this blog because a friend of mine suggested we all do so, and a couple other friends also do it and they doodle and write about stuff and thats cool. So i figured, what the heck, might as well get famous by writing a blog so here we go. Fame and fortune here I come!!!

So, try to accept the first two statements, one is true although perhaps infused with dillusions of grandeur and the other is a blatant lie, in fact so blatant that its beyond a lie, its just wrong. Blatantly, obviously, undeniably wrong. And so are most statements made by most politicians. Blatantly, obviously, and undeniably wrong. And yet, its easier to believe that a lie would come from me, the mere, lowly blogger.

A bunch of rich people just stole billions (or milliards) of dollars from the entire United States of America. It must have been an accident.

Maybe the purpose of a blog is for people who like to write emails, but have no friends, to have the opportunity to do so. Or maybe its for people who have a lot to say but not enough time to listen. Maybe its for people who have had their tongues cut out by pirates, but still have fingers. Pirates are people who cruiz around on boats and steal money. Here's Dick Cheney fishing.