Montag, 26. September 2011

what the hell is GOD?

I'd like to say something about God and Nature,

theres a lot of argument about whether or not "God" exists, where life came from, who or what created the earth. Proving or disproving the existence of God. Evolution and Creationism...

First off, I was not exposed to religion in almost any way during my childhood. I did not go to church or any other religious institution. My parents are not religious. I was never read to out of any religious book. My most religious teaching came from Richard Bach's book Illusions, and all I remember from that book is that they ate the dudes finger in the end and I thought, "whoah, wtf..."

So when people start talking religion and start trying to prove or disprove stuff, they immediately start using words and terms that, to me, have no definition. Even at the most basic level, when people say, "do you believe in God", I have to respond, "what do you MEAN when you say GOD?" I have no idea what the word GOD is supposed to mean.

He is the messiah. the creator. Jesus is Lord. Amen.
Ok, theres a bunch of other words I don't understand.

I think it has something to do with spontaneous belief. When you decide to believe something abstract without being able to anchor it to anything that you have seen or experienced. Something that exists only in abstract concepts communicated to you by other humans. You don't know what it is, what it is supposed to be, or how it relates to anything. But you've heard it said so many times that it begins to have meaning. A meaning that you cannot explain to anyone without invoking in them the same spontaneous belief that you also have.

And I bet this has some evolutionary advantage. The human mind can process complex things and come up with an abstract conclusion which leads to the human acting physically in an advantageous way. And when large groups of people can be convinced of the same abstract thing, then their subconscious must have processed the same info in the same way. All in a way which our conscious mind is unable to explain. And I bet there is a lot of truth to the things they come up with.

For example, (and I'm grossly generalizing, so forgive me...) Ancient religions would personify natural events into man-like characters. Like the rain god. This makes sense, as Humans are finely tuned to interact with other humans, so why not interact with rain AS IF it were also a human? And then all other things have their own gods, so the god of love, the god of wine, the god of war. We are taking abstract concepts and personifying them. Thats simple.

But then somebody comes along and says, hey, what if all these "gods" are bullhooky, and theres really just ONE god that controls everything? So suddenly, we are personifying everything into one character. EVERYTHING. the man-like character of everything. And then, whaddayaknow, 3200 years later people get the idea that ALL THINGS in the physical world are governed by a single set of physical laws, which can be used to describe the character of everything. And suddenly, rain can be explained by the character of water vapor. Wine can be explained by the character of alchohol. Love and War can be explained by the character of our brains, built in the image of our genome, which follow the same chemical laws as water vapor and alchohol. That makes sense!

So to me, its no coincidence that people have this abstract idea of a unified everything, 3,000 years before the concept gets microscopic. Its a testament to the intuitive power of the human mind.

So what about these arguments, does God exist? Evolution or intelligent design? To me, there is no argument. Science is the act of making conclusions based on repeatable, irrefutable experiments. EVERYTHING we know about nature, through the act of science, is repeatable and irrefutable. There are lots of THEORIES, about evolution, for example, which extrapolate in a logical way on that which is proven and irrefutable. I trust this process!!! and think most of these extrapolations are nearing on the truth, and thats believable enough for me.

So does god exist? did he create life? I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL GOD IS. So, depending on how you define God, why not? Experiments show that the laws of nature are irrefutable, but who created the laws of nature? Experiments actually prove, irrefutably, evolution in microbes, and its not such a stretch to extrapolate that into multicelled organisms. And its all based on the laws of nature, but where did the laws of nature come from? Abiogenesis theorizes that the building blocks of life began to combine together through the laws of nature (note, not random) and from there more and more complex organisms began to form. Where did these building blocks get the ability to do this?

So to me, the acts of evolution and abiogenesis, MAKE SENSE and I believe them, but they are so spectacular that I have to ask, HOW did nature get the ability to do this? How can these simple elements combine to form MY consciousness, thoughts, emotions? Who came up with this stuff? AMAZING! And that leaves room for the wonders of Religion, not within the framework of science, but on the EDGE of science, explaining intuitively the things science has yet to describe accurately.

Put differently, if you don't believe that life can form "spontaneously" from nature, then you are clearly underestimating nature. Obviously, the design for all of life is contained within the laws of nature.

And this does not disprove God.

But then some people cling to a quote from an old (but impressive) book saying that the world was formed 6,000 years ago. Cmon, people, that can be irrefutably disproven. Its just a book. The people who wrote it just got the timeline wrong.

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