Mittwoch, 9. November 2011


So I'z gonna explain something thats totally obvious to me but apparently nobody else. Dan's economics lesson 101.

Money does not exist. Yes there are pieces of pretty paper in people's wallets and when you have some, you can trade it for stuff. But thats not what I'm talking about. I mean the Idea that Money is value. That when you have money, you have wealth. That earning money means accomplishing something. Nope. Total bullshit. Anybody who thinks that earning money is accomplishing something is just a bit disconnected with reality. And that is almost everybody.

There are only two things in the entire universe that have value. Real, hard, physical value. Natural Resources and Man Hours. If you have money, you can trade it for these things. But if you don't have any Natural Resources, and there are no Men to work Hours, then JUST FREAKIN TRY to use your money for ANYTHING. It won't work.

Having money means that other humans TRUST YOU. If you pay somebody to do something, it means they TRUST that what you are telling them to do is worthwhile, that it will somehow benefit humanity, and thus benefit them individually. If you can take money and turn it into more money, it means that people TRUST that you are doing something right.

But guess what, some people just broke that trust. They took money and turned it into more money, but it turns out it was just a big scam. Nothing of any value happened. They even convinced a bunch of people to spend time and resources building houses where nobody wants to live, and it was just a big waste. They have used money to betray our trust, and humanity did not benefit in any way. But I digress...

I want people to shift their understanding of money and wealth. I want them to start to understand, that money is just an abstract tool for trading time and goods. I want people to realize, that the most valuable thing they have is their time and that all resources at our disposal are gifts from the earth of limited quantity, to be treated with respect and rationed carefully. And I want some people who have have money to realize that humanity made a big freakin mistake by giving them money. Bastards.

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